By Shel Pink, Founder

When I was a child, many years before holistic lifestyles became mainstream, my mother instilled in me the importance of an organic diet, regular massage, alternative healing methods and the minimization of toxin exposure within our environment. It had always been a way of life, so embracing yoga, meditation and Ayurveda during my college years was a natural extension of the principles which grounded and shaped my thinking.

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In 2004 I founded SPARITUAL inspired by clean beauty, spa culture and the art of self-care. We are a sustainable, vegan beauty brand based on the rituals of self-care. We believe slowing down to return home to yourself is the path to enlightenment. We are committed to creating clean, non-toxic products for the spa professional and the self-care activist. Our roots are firmly planted in the ancient and present healing traditions of the spa, the true source of self-care. Our products and programs are designed to intentionally connect you to Slow Beauty Rituals to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment and set in motion the return to a state of wholeness. We give you the best ingredients nature has to offer, and provide you with tangible and practical ways to help you slow down and live in accordance with the natural pace of your life.

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