LONDONTOWN is a homage to our origins, a breakthrough in innovation, and a celebration of clean beauty that goes beyond a “free-of” list.

We are a women-owned, family-run business based in the US – even though our story started across the pond.

We create products that are free of all the things that you don’t want, and full of things that you do, ingredients you can always pronounce and formulas that leave skin and nails looking lustrous, healthy, and better before.

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Powered by Botanicals and Florium Infused

At the heart of Londontown is Florium Complex, a proprietary blend of beautiful botanicals and antioxidant-enriched flower oils designed to fortify nails, maximize manicures, and condition skin with every application. This very formula has been passed down for three generations – and now, we are sharing it with you.

Brand Overview