KOTOSHINA is an organic skin care brand from Kyoto, Japan. We partnered with an organic green tea plantation in the Uji region of Kyoto and an organic cosmetic maker in France, a country that is advanced in organic products, to create a new organic skin care line in 2012.

The name KOTOSHINA represents the dignity and merchandise from the ancient capital of Kyoto and our aspiration to create merchandise that holds meaning.

KOTOSHINA products are organic cosmetics, with ingredients and manufacturing processes certified by the French organic certification organization Qualité France and the Cosmébio label*. (*some exceptions)

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All KOTOSHINA products are formulated with organic green tea components from the Uji region of Kyoto.

Uji is a venerable growing district for exceptionally high-grade green tea, blessed with a natural environment including climate and soil with the backdrop of the ancient capital of Kyoto, which has cultivated Japan’s tea culture for over a thousand years.

KOTOSHINA partnered with an organic-certified tea plantation in Uji to secure organic tea ingredients.

Green tea leaves are rich with catechins and vitamin C and other beneficial elements for beautiful skin. KOTOSHINA products are made not only with these green leaf elements, but also with oil extracted from the tea seeds.

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