DISTINCT, TRANSFORMATIONAL, MASCULINE, PERFORMANCE, INNOVATIVE, MODERN, BESPOKE, DESIGN, EXCLUSIVE…HOMMAGE is a lifestyle passion brand enjoyed by gentlemen of distinction worldwide. 

HOMMAGE defines the new standard in mens grooming by transforming the everyday grooming ritual into a luxurious and transformational experience. Innovative shavecare, skincare, grooming equipment, barber and spa services combine to provide high performance indulgences that recharge a man with pride, confidence and a sense of well-being. 

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While upscale and affluent gentlemen have enjoyed barber and grooming services for centuries, the Hommage grooming atelier concept creates a new standard of excellence in both service and contemporary atmosphere. The ordinary grooming ritual is transformed into an extraordinary experience where the discerning man can enjoy best practices and techniques. Grooming services from across the world have been revised and fine-tuned into a complete grooming experience.

Brand Overview